Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Officially TWO years old!!!!!!

Thats right, this party is all about MEEEEE!

Amazing little guy! We can't believe you are already 2 years old Brayden!!!!
Bright, Radiant, Amazing, Youthful, Dynamic, Energetic, Negotiable!! :)

Perfect wish!

ummmm....too adorable for a caption!

These guys are the cutest buddies ever!! I love that I have the opportunity to watch Gus 2 days a week, and Brayden and Gus have the opportunity to form such a close bond at such a young age! They truly are best friends right now!! I feel so fortunate to be able to reconnect with a long lost friend Domeka, and get to know her gorgeous and happy family so well. yay!

A little best ever bubby time! These guys are also insanely close!

Can you say HAMMMM?!!!

Oooooooooh!! "HAMMMM!"

And SO!...... (one of B's favorite sit down phrases)..... Woo-hoo! the party was super FUN and so great to have SOOO much loving family and friends gather to celebrate our little baby...who is now, overwhelmingly, NOT a baby anymore! fun it as was.... we're happy its OVER! ..... haha! Great Food, great Folks, and great Fun...always a good recipe! :)....
It really seems like his official 2 has been a long time comin! For months now its been, multiple times a day, the "NOOO!" to everything! (regardless if he means YES)...."MEEE!!" and "MIIINE!!!" battles. Typical Terribles, yeah? .....................For the most part tho, are a very sensitive, generous, loving, and busy little fellow. With more personality than I cold have hoped for. You light up our lives for sure! Mr. charmer to complete strangers...and a bundle of inquisitiveness and seriousness about your "important tasks" are the best entertainment ever, and still...."the best toy ever!!" (Although sometimes recently, I DO wish I could put you back in the box! ;) ) I know you're testing your boundaries, limitations, right from wrong, and just how much you can get away with right now...and I get it...but I have to beg of you that you stop the intense "head-butting to mama's face!!" It seriously HURTS! ...we'll see how that goes....

***Current favorite words and phrases from your mouth ARE: " wawer-nummy" (watermellon) "wa-wa-dump"<> (rain).... and this morning, after climbing up on the kitchen stool and looking out the window (as it was pouring!) said:, "waining! dtop!!">..... My feelings exactly! "mm dooow!!" (and so!) "an one, an dooooo, an one." (and 1 and 2 and 1) "doo-doo dwain" (choo-choo train) "me, bye bye bbbroooom, nannybubby ouse!" (I want to go bye-bye, in the car, to nana and bubba's house!) "but-hoooh" .....(hahaha..yeah, this ones great!....just read that out loud! ;)...(Back-hoe) "i" (hi) "alow" (hello) "waat" (walk) "duth" (Gus) "me lub yuu" (I love you)....good one to end on...the list goes on, but I don't think I'd be able to keep anyone else's attention ;).....All in all Brayden, you certainly keep us busy these days.... and guessing!?....... Both myself, and your I've said many times before, and feel I can't say enough, ...We love you more than you will ever know!!!! Happy Birthday baby!!!!!!! muuuah xx