Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Officially TWO years old!!!!!!

Thats right, this party is all about MEEEEE!

Amazing little guy! We can't believe you are already 2 years old Brayden!!!!
Bright, Radiant, Amazing, Youthful, Dynamic, Energetic, Negotiable!! :)

Perfect wish!

ummmm....too adorable for a caption!

These guys are the cutest buddies ever!! I love that I have the opportunity to watch Gus 2 days a week, and Brayden and Gus have the opportunity to form such a close bond at such a young age! They truly are best friends right now!! I feel so fortunate to be able to reconnect with a long lost friend Domeka, and get to know her gorgeous and happy family so well. yay!

A little best ever bubby time! These guys are also insanely close!

Can you say HAMMMM?!!!

Oooooooooh!! "HAMMMM!"

And SO!...... (one of B's favorite sit down phrases)..... Woo-hoo! the party was super FUN and so great to have SOOO much loving family and friends gather to celebrate our little baby...who is now, overwhelmingly, NOT a baby anymore! fun it as was.... we're happy its OVER! ..... haha! Great Food, great Folks, and great Fun...always a good recipe! :)....
It really seems like his official 2 has been a long time comin! For months now its been, multiple times a day, the "NOOO!" to everything! (regardless if he means YES)...."MEEE!!" and "MIIINE!!!" battles. Typical Terribles, yeah? .....................For the most part tho, are a very sensitive, generous, loving, and busy little fellow. With more personality than I cold have hoped for. You light up our lives for sure! Mr. charmer to complete strangers...and a bundle of inquisitiveness and seriousness about your "important tasks" are the best entertainment ever, and still...."the best toy ever!!" (Although sometimes recently, I DO wish I could put you back in the box! ;) ) I know you're testing your boundaries, limitations, right from wrong, and just how much you can get away with right now...and I get it...but I have to beg of you that you stop the intense "head-butting to mama's face!!" It seriously HURTS! ...we'll see how that goes....

***Current favorite words and phrases from your mouth ARE: " wawer-nummy" (watermellon) "wa-wa-dump"<> (rain).... and this morning, after climbing up on the kitchen stool and looking out the window (as it was pouring!) said:, "waining! dtop!!">..... My feelings exactly! "mm dooow!!" (and so!) "an one, an dooooo, an one." (and 1 and 2 and 1) "doo-doo dwain" (choo-choo train) "me, bye bye bbbroooom, nannybubby ouse!" (I want to go bye-bye, in the car, to nana and bubba's house!) "but-hoooh" .....(hahaha..yeah, this ones great!....just read that out loud! ;)...(Back-hoe) "i" (hi) "alow" (hello) "waat" (walk) "duth" (Gus) "me lub yuu" (I love you)....good one to end on...the list goes on, but I don't think I'd be able to keep anyone else's attention ;).....All in all Brayden, you certainly keep us busy these days.... and guessing!?....... Both myself, and your I've said many times before, and feel I can't say enough, ...We love you more than you will ever know!!!! Happy Birthday baby!!!!!!! muuuah xx

Saturday, March 6, 2010

JUST a big kid!

B and Gus snuggle time (and Gus's mama)

Lots of changes! Bad mama not keeping up on the baby-book blog :(. Brayden you are a walking, trying to be talking, jumping bean! The words are popping up left and right, (kitty, bubble, please and thank you, blue, yellow...the list goes on.... and I'm sure it will be bigger tomorrow) and you are mastering all the skills it takes to be a kid! New feats: climbing up play structures and going down the slide all by yourself!! You trying reeeaalllly hard to master "the jump" and practice all of the time... to my enjoyment...its really pretty hysterical!!
The kitchen remodel is done, not bad, 2 mos of major work!! You've been totally intrigued by all the work and are now our part time hired hand for drilling and sanding. You are def a lil worker B!! Great help pulling weeds, cleaning the floor and the inside of the dish washer? Toys don't really work for ya, as you just want to be doing whatever we're doing...EXACTLY! You are such a little sponge!!...we really need to be careful, cause anything we say or do in front of you is instantly mimicked!! Still a binkie boy big time, and I'm having a hard time picturing taking it away from you for ever :( (bed-time and car rides are when you get it...and randomly when you have a secret stash somewhere) You are more and more challenging some days, when it comes to...pretty much everything! "no!"... your new favorite word.... I hate the battles... I have to say!
Best bud by far is little Gus, who's name you can suddenly say as of 3 days ago, and do all of the time! You both light up when you see eachother. SOOO rdiculously cute! We've got lots of fun ahead of us this summer as our remodels are almost done!! yay for gorgeous new kitchen, laundry room, and yet to be dry rooooom! Brayden your're a sensitive, occasionally sweet, little busy body, too ready to be driving cars, mowing feilds, and building houses!! I Luv you more than you have any idea!! xxxx oh, p.s: you kicked me today...out of anger for something I'm am completly unaware of...3 times!!!! and I had to put you time out :( ...I cried! so did you....Buuut I dooo still luv you like crazy you little turkey-butt! lets hurry up and get past thes terrible 2s...gulp!??

Thursday, June 4, 2009

1st Birthday Bash!!

"YAY!!!, Frosting... is the best thing EVER!!!!"

"I think I just fell in love...will you be my monkey??"

Nana Lovin'

Wow. So B-dawg is ONE!!!! Unbelievable journey this first year. We have, all 3 of us, changed in so many ways, dramatically. Adam is an extremely hard working "bread-winner" and "honey-doer", (we're so living in the 50's might make a few people a little ill...sorry) A PROUD, concerned, and very involved Dada, and an incredible friend and partner to me. Still striving to get his action on, but definitely having to prioritize WAAAAY more than ever before.
I....... am a... MOM. Do i really need to say much more?
And B, sweet charismatic little Brayden; has gone from a larval, helpless, little shriveled being, to a stout, personality-filled, little KID, who knows how to communicate his intentions, curiosities, needs, and wants, who understands SOOO much more than we all give him credit for, and who is in a constant state of actively exploring.... EVERYTHING in his world.....every waking moment ("BUSY" might be a good word used to describe his activitiy level:)). Currently he is "the transporter of goods." Taking one object to another place...far, far away (in his world) stashing it, and retrieving another for its next big transport. We couldn't find the TV controls for 3 days, went to get my watering pitcher from under the kitchen sink...there is was...nestled away in the pitcher, under a couple of blocks, a stuffed sheep, and a binky. "That's where THAT goes."
Brayden is a constant joy, stress, and pure entertainment. I am more in love than I have ever been in my life, both with my son and my "husband," at the same time, I am a little more on edge than BB (before Brayden).... To love this much, the fear of something going wrong weighs heavier than I have experienced ever before. Also the pure joy of just watching such true contentment (most of the time) and fresh, growing knowledge, is a reward I thought I'd never hold so high. All and all...WHAT a YEAR!!!! Happy, healthy, and moving forward!! All 6 of us! Happy Birthday Brayden!! Your party was a hit, and literally since that just seem a little a total TODDLER!!!! luv you xxx

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Little dude!

1 day old...can't believe its almost been a year!!

Happy boy

Little dude

Wow, Brayden is 11 1/2 months...almost 1!!!! Crazy! I've witnessed so many amazing moments, milestones, and accomplishments, new life is incredible!! We officially have a little toddler. Brayden has been walking for alomost 3 wks now and is really getting it down...finally! It has been the most nerve wracking time with him so neck is in constant stress related pain! Just the gut wrenching falls and tumbles. Oye!! But I'm learning to relax and hes learning to catch himself ...most of the time. Life is great, B is the best little dude I could ask for, so happy and easy! He LOVES people, and going places. But he is still very snuggly and attentive to mama. He is way into cars, and making the bbbthhhhh sound when he rolls them back and forth. Loves the dogs and cat. Loves his grandmas, Nana(my mom) and Gumma(Adam'smom), which we are lucky enough to have a day with every week, B has a blast, as do I. He says mama, dada, nana, and night night. Growls when he sees a lion, still does "happy feet" when he gets really excited. He signs for more, please, and hungry (LIVES for food!) He calls the dogs by slapping his thigh and calls for the cat by rubbing his fingers together...they never listen to him but will one day cause thats just how I call for em. :) Hes got 2 teeth on the bottom and getting 4 all at once on top. Loves to brush his teeth and can spend an hr playing with and chewing on a toothbrush. Outside is a blast, dirt digging and water splashing are thrilling!!! Brayden is just a happy, super smart, little dude that is turning more and more into just that and not a baby any more. Kinda sad and kinda exciting at the same time. Love of my life. Looking forward to his big 1st B-day party!! x

Monday, March 30, 2009

10 months already?!!


Chillin' in the hammock with cousin Gillian. (We pick her up after school on some fridays :))

Anything can be a drum...yeaahhh!!

You promise you didn't eat any dirt?? Show me

Wow...well Brayden has achieved some major milestones since Jan. He finally became mobile over a month or so ago, hes got the gangsta crawl...using his right foot and left knee. He is pulling up on things but has yet to really have his balance figured out up on his feet. Hes getting teeth, and being quite stoic about the whole thing. Although, the little booger has bitten me already in play, and man those things are sharp! We miss music class, which was a welcome fun activity everyweek for 10 wks! B was just starting to really feel compfy enough to ham it up to everyone in the class, and know what to do when the instruments presented themselves. But warm weather is hopefully on its way and we'll be spending a lot more time outside playing. He does love music and bobbs up and down and claps his hands or waves his arms to certain songs...some favs are Bob Marley, this one wierd little german polka melody, and his music together cds. Schedule is still key and hes a rockstar at sticking to it. All is well, Brayden is a huge flirt, very happy and healthy. As are Adam and myself...aside from the flirt part...that gets us into trouble :) We plan to have a big party for his 1st, and I'm just pretty much crossing my fingers for warm weather and sunshine to head our way sooooon!! :)))

Thursday, January 29, 2009

the holidays are over

Sand is so coooool! And summer in JAN??

But I want to go ALL the way in!

Awww. our babies :)

Whew! Jan 2009 has been a crazy new start to the year! The weather...tho I'm lovin it, feels a bit more like Colorado than Portland, snow and sunshine and brrrr!! No complaining here, but it is out of the norm. We, sadly, had to say goodbye to Indica a few weeks ago. It was SOOO hard, he woke one morning and couldn't straighten his front R leg, and his back legs, already rendered pretty useless, he couldn't walk at all. A TOUGH and very emotional decision. HE had an amazing life of 14yrs, and leaves us with SOO many fun, funny, and great memories!
Anyhooo, on a brighter note; Brayden is amazing and more fun...yes...again, even MORE fun! I think this is becoming a trend...can't wait for next month! He's rolling all over the place, is hillarious in the walker we recently got, or should I say Runner! HE understands certain words, and is all about gadgets, and LOVES an audience. He says "mum" often, but totally randomly. He can feed himself tiny bits of things..good when its edible, not so good when its DIRT, or a hairball! He can spend all day "walking" and not so much time just sitting or being held, he wants to be on the go all of the time. I think it might be slowing his "actual mobility" tho, because he doesn't want to spend anytime trying to figure out how to get around for himself. If he can't be upright, he thinks it sucks!! He actually has his first cold right now, which I found out today is pnemonia and an ear infection, its HORRIBLE to see! I can't believe how happy he is, I'd be crying and pissed! No one warned me how INSANELY stressfull motherhood is, I feel the gray hairs making their home in my scalp!! UGH! But we'll pull though this, and I'm so amazed how happy he is...biggest ham ever! Hes so entertaining, my favorite is his little exploratory index finger!! Life continues to be great through the ups and downs, but I AM feeling a warm vacation is due here pretty soon. we come?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Goin on 7 months

You're getting more and more're like the toy with endless surprises and levels that never end! You've been sitting your own for 2 months now, and are quite good at it, no more random back throws...its a softer gentler get someone's attention that you're done sitting in the spot you were in. You've just started reaching out when you want to be picked up...I love it...I've been working with you on that one for some time now! yay! You roll from tummy to back...INSTANTLY!!..cause you HATE being on your tummy...i think you may skip the crawling and head straight for walking...unless it suddenly clicks that you can actually gain some independence that way (you've surprised me before) You are just so aware of your surroundings and LOVE new things and people and want to be in the actions all the time. You LOVE dada...and when hes home for the day...naps are battle! You don't want to miss a minute! You're eating solids 3 x a day, usually, and love it! You want to expand your food horizons way before you're gabbing a huge leaf of lettuce and cramming it down your throat before I can snatch it back, or taking the PB&J out of my hand faster than I can react...its kinda fun to watch... hee hee! Hmmm, since our evening walks have been halted due to amazing snowwwww fal, we have been skypeing Nana and Cookie nightly to fill that rough hour right before your 8pm bedtime. You still sleep through the night beautifully, but I think your starting to realize I leave when I lay you down, and are learning that I do reappear when cry...darn it...but I'm staying strong... and usually a reinsertion of good ol' binkie and a gentle head pet get you to sleep. I'm looking forward to your "music together" class that begins mid Jan, and getting my painting flowing again after the holidays are over. Life is great!! You are growing faster than I realized possible and your little unique personality is starting to bloom...sooooo amazing to watch and witness your little "being" evolve...incredible!!! love you sugar muffun!!